The Young Ones contest features design briefs from several multinational companies. I chose Verizon and developed an integrated campaign to transform their brand perception beyond phones and establish Verizon as the ultimate destination for tech accessories as well. My task was to make consumers instinctively think of Verizon when they needed top-quality tech accessories.

Gen Z Radio Spot

The messaging achieves the campaign objective by narrating relatable stories to broad groups by targeting specific pain points in our collective experience. The copy reads like a rant, building narrative and visual tension that the audience associates with memories and experiences from their own lives. It resolves the tension by the simple tagline that reassures customers that Verizon understands them and has what they need when they need it: "you know that thing? yeah that thing. yeah, we got that."

Gamer Radio Spot

My approach encompassed a wide demographic, spanning Gen Z to Boomers, aged 13 to 65, targeting mobile device users who frequently buy electronic accessories. Income levels varied across age groups. To engage this audience, I aimed for a 75-80% reach within the US population of this age range. This included suburbs, small cities, and bustling metropolitan areas. The objective was to establish a brand identity founded on reliability, innovation, and quality, fostering a positive and lasting bond with consumers.

Gramps Radio Spot

My strategy embraced diverse platforms. This included billboards, magazine ads, and social media campaigns on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. I also tapped into the tech-savvy market through podcasts. By researching guidelines across social platforms, online streaming, and traditional ad space, I targeted each demographic with precision. By leveraging burgeoning AI platforms like Eleven Labs for audio and CapCut for video, I multiplied my output by creating replicable processes.

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